Mobile cultural tourism. Art spaces, times and logos

Pedro de Andrade


The global paradigms and the scalability of mobility processes changed deeply in the last century (Adey, 2014). One of such mobile phenomena is tourism, that constitutes the core configuration of the voyage within modernity (Andrade, 1993). Modern travels constitute not just a space and time of pacific leisure, but as well as a conflictual arena that underlies and translate other collateral social issues (Cohen, 2013; Rickly, 2016; Verstraete, 2009). This text presents a summary of a sociological analysis, regarding some questions raised within the project Public Communication of Art, coordinated by the author, and funded by Foundation for Science and Technology-FCT (Ref. PTDC/CCI/68595/2006). Within this project, a survey questionnaire was answered by tourists who visited the above-mentioned exhibition, inside a sample of 504 visitors. The tourist profile had 50 visitors, and it was considered pertinent for this study, as Museu Berardo is situated inside a relevant Lisbon touristic area, the parish of Santa Maria de Belém.


Critical tourist/counter tourist; cultural tourism; new methodologies; popular tourism; social mobilities

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