Soundscapes of low fidelity in O som ao redor (2012) and Ventos de agosto (2014)

Igor Araújo Porto, Miriam de Souza Rossini


Considering two concepts of R. Murray Schafer (2001) of soundscape and low fidelity (lo-fi), we aim to approach the author to the study area of the audiovisual’s sounds, having in mind that these concepts help us question aesthetics and sound aspects, which are found in some movies from the so-called Novíssimo Cinema Brasileiro. These movies were produced in the last ten years in Brazil and they use aesthetic possibilities provided by new technologies that enable sound and images alterations as well as edition changes. In order to reach our goal, we will trace the definition of soundscape in Schafer, emphasizing the interdisciplinary aspect of the concept. After that, we will think how this notion of lo-fi detaches from its common sense use can be applied in the area of communication, and especially in cinema. Finally, we will pilot an analysis of some scenes from two recent movies produced in the State of Pernambuco whose sound result helps to gives an example of the connection that is intended to be made between Schafer concept and the area of cinema. The examples are O som ao redor (Kleber Mendonça Filho, 2012) and Ventos de agosto (Gabriel Mascaro, 2014).


Brazilian cinema; cinema; low fidelity (lo-fi); sound analysis; soundscapea

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