Between the crisis of dialectic and the dialectic of crisis

Alexandre B. Weffort


The content of this article is structured in three steps. The first step is assumed as a partial recension of the book Crise no Castelo da Cultura. Das Estrelas para os Ecrãs [Crisis in the castle of culture. From the stars to the screens] by Moisés de Lemos Martins. It is a merely a partial recension due to the focus I assume on dialectic, which appears in the above mentioned book as a part of a more extended analysis on contemporary culture technology, its subordination to media processes and the technological environments of our time. In the second step of this text, I underline some of the stated arguments and question some of the author’s conclusions. In the third step, as a result of this questioning I present some proposals and essay a synthesis’s first gesture.


Crisis; culture; dialectic

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